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How CaringKind doubled their money with Fundmetric

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CaringKind, a New York-based charity focused on supporting caregivers for people living with Alzheimers and dementia was looking for a way to raise more money in a smarter, more transparent way for their donors. Last year, they sent a total of 50,000 direct mail pieces for a annunal campaign, but did not receive the desired results. They knew there had to be a better solution.


Giving Tuesday with Fundmetric

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Giving Tuesday is the global day of giving. It’s a day dedicated to giving and volunteering that takes place after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It also marks the opening of the giving season, bringing together communities, companies, organizations, and donors the same way Black Friday and Cyber Monday do for retailers all over the world. This year, we’re celebrating GivingTuesday on November 27th, 2018 with a digital campaign unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


CaringKind Case Study

CaringKind has carried on some of the most vital support for families and people affected by dementia. Recognized by New Yorkers across the five Burroughs, The organization had recently reorganized to ensure more money stayed in New York. This meant leaving behind a national parent organization. As the charity began to build a major gift pipeline would be critical. An early decision to buy Fundmetric proved to be important.


The 2018 Digital Donor Trend Report

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Welcome to the 2018 Digital Donor Trends Report. At Fundmetric, we closely monitor the always-changing ways that donors interact with organizations and the emails they send. We report on consumer device usage — like open rates, click rates and page views — on a quarterly basis, and now for the first time, we’re broadening our report to include additional donor trends with behavioral data like page views, donation abandonment rates, and more.