Our Story

Keeping Humanity at Heart of A.I.

Fundmetric was founded in 2013 after Mark Hobbs, CEO realized that the data-driven decision making tools that the for profit sector had access to, were not accessible to the nonprofit sector. As a result, the nonprofit sector was being left behind in an increasingly data driven world.

After witnessing how machine learning technology has transformed other industries it became clear that the A.I. gap in fundraising is a transformational opportunity for the nonprofit sector.

Dr. Greg Lee, Lead Data Science joined the team in 2014 and the company was accepted for a 6 month residency program at Google Canada headquarters in Waterloo Ontario. Dr. Lee holds his PhD in computer science (machine learning) from the University of Alberta.

Initially, Fundmetric was focused on big data, social data, and psychometric information gathering, and began developing reports that provided some machine learned insights. In 2017, the company began work on the first iteration of Fundmetric as it is known today, with the goal of using data generation to grow client data sets and increase the accuracy of machine learning that is available to fundraising organizations.

We know Fundmetric can be transformative for every fundraiser, the organizations they work for, and the problems they tackle.
Fundmetric has created award winning fundraising campaigns on behalf of its clients and is focused on the lifetime value of every donor.

Fundmetric has always prided itself on our approach to product development, building our technology collaboratively alongside our clients. We build software, not shelfware.  

Leadership Team

Dr. Greg Lee

Lead Data Scientist

Mark Hobbs


Rachel Crosbie

Operations and Strategy

Nick Hatt

Head of Engineering

Jonathan Todd

Head of Product

Chris Salmond

Chief Cloud Architect

Our Values

Fundmetric aims to strengthen the bonds between people and the causes they care about.

Our vision is a world in which empathy is more widely spread.

We promise to put humanity at the heart of AI.


We believe in our clients having control over their own data, this means that our partnership extends beyond our own ecosystem. That’s why Fundmetric does not use data to shackle our customers to our product, we do not believe in holding data hostage as a way to retain customers, but rather the value that you experience through interacting with us.


We know that artificial intelligence needs to be used responsibly and that it is our job to lead in the areas of ethics, security, and privacy, while remaining on the cutting edge of innovation. Just because something may be technically possible, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Fundmetric adheres to the AI standard outlined by the CIO Strategy Council.


Fundmetric believes that access to transformative A.I. technology should be available to fundraising organizations. Given the pioneering state of artificial intelligence and data science, education must be available to those who seek to understand. We seek to provide a translation layer between technical expertise and human understanding.


Fundmetric believes that data is inherently flexible and that it's our job to make the vision our clients have for their data a reality. This begins with education and understanding for those intimidated by the emerging data driven world. The nonlinear nature of our ecosystem allows clients to begin adoption of Fundmetric wherever they are in their digital transformation.

“The machine learning expertise at Fundmetric is top notch. Their support team is flexible and focused on helping organizations such as ours manage the pain points and change management that migrating to a “brave new normal” holds.”
Mark Koenig
Chief Innovation Officer and VP Technology
Oregon State University Foundation
"It feels like a partnership, not a client and vendor situation. They are genuinely invested in what we are trying to accomplish and it shows."
Emily Jones
Associate Director of Marketing Strategy
Oregon State University Foundation

Organizations are using Fundmetric to help solve their toughest problems.

We are living in the era of data, and with AI implementation on the horizon for so many organizations, never before has it been more important that people and technology are brought together.

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