Organizations on the cutting edge of innovative solutions, need partners who are looking to the future of fundraising with them. With stable long term resources and public funding becoming more scarce, fundraising is more critical than ever. Fundmetric develops customized solutions for every client to scale their fundraising and their impact, as they undergo their digital transformation.

We work with organizations of all sizes to gain a better understanding of data, and customize solutions for their teams. Balancing all of these needs becomes less of a chore with Fundmetric's streamlined data pipeline.

Understanding behaviour is critical to mobilizing coalitions of donors, there is no better platform than Fundmetric for capturing behavioural data and segmenting audiences. We help organizations understand the volume of data available to them and make the necessary adaptations for their success.

Fundmetric is uniquely positioned to lay a foundation of digital infrastructure that allows for organizations to get a better picture of their donors.

Whether you are in a higher education, healthcare, religious, nonprofit, or an advocacy organization, Fundmetric can build a connected data-ecosystem with a holistic view that allows fundraisers to move with agility.


We promote cross-functional teams, building datasets and campaigns that bring teams together.


Fundmetric is the ultimate team facilitator. Increasing data literacy and making data accessible is key in creating team cohesion. We provide the learning opportunities, visualization and support access to your teams.

Too often, data is fragmented and locked in silos, leading to fragmented and siloed teams. The people on the front lines and working behind the scenes towards your goals often don’t have the information they need when they need it most.

At Fundmetric we sell software, not shelfware. We learn the context of your organization, to empower adoption that aligns with your strategic priorities. When staff feel they are listened to and their input is incorporated, we all benefit.

We frequently provide context and briefings to teams at all levels including executives and board members. Our collaborative approach and ability to improve the workflow of our clients leads to dramatically different outcomes than your average software vendor.

Major Gifts

Fundmetric makes identifying major gift prospects easier using custom artificial intelligence, your models are trained on your data. Fundmetric has proprietary technology to surface who is paying attention and needs to be contacted now.

We develop detailed models to be on the journey that these major donors have taken, allowing Fundmetric to uncover prospects not yet known to your organization.

We provide data on the characteristics of prospects as well as a ranked list in a recurring cadence, as opposed to point in time analysis.

Leadership Giving

Fundmetric is a system that is trained to understand nuance. We give leadership giving teams the ability to identify and take action with donors on the best channel. Fundmetric delivers unparalleled insights and visibility around the key moments that retain and upgrade donors, and make information accessible through a series of interactive dashboards.

Annual Giving

Fundmetric empowers Annual Giving Teams to make smarter decisions about their donors and increase lifetime value. Enabling teams to build enduring relationships with their donors by providing tools to engage donors on the channels they prefer, cultivate and nurture those connections over their lifetime, and create personalized communications at scale.

Prospect Research

Fundmetric brings relevancy and time-based factors into immediate consideration for prospect researchers. Timing is an important factor that hasn’t been visible to prospect research teams. See data in real time to make better decisions on when, why, and how to approach donors along side the data and information you already use. Prospect research teams provide the expertise to Fundmetric's customized modelling to make your models work for your organization.

Business Intelligence/Analytics

With Fundmetric, Business intelligence teams have access to more data for better analysis, and to provide insights that can be easily understood by the business. Fundmetric gives the required context through the combination of machine learning models and business insights. These are used in our interactive dashboards and reports to deliver contextualized analytics.

Data Science

Data Science is becoming a growth industry, but few teams have the internal capacity to handle all their requests. Fundmetric solves this problem by providing the extra firepower data science needs without the overhead and training costs of hiring more people. We collaborate with data science teams to make workflows more efficient and increase capacity.

Services / IT

We provide Advancement Services and IT teams with a data integration and enrichment partner that fits the workflow of your organization. Our flexibility allows for customized imports and exports to fit your existing tools and data sources.

Gift Processing

Fundmetric gift forms can be customized not only for the ultimate donor experience but also for the people responsible for processing that information. The ability to use conditional logic and customize the exported data, means we can optimize our technology to fit workflows and optimize processing.

“If you are looking for a fundraising partner, look no further. Throughout our relationship with Fundmetric, they have been there to listen to our needs and provide any level of support required to be successful"
Laura Brown
Assistant VP, Advancement Information Services
Kent State University
"It feels like a partnership, not a client and vendor situation. They are genuinely invested in what we are trying to accomplish and it shows."
Fonda Mathis
Director of Development Services
Texas Lutheran University

Organizations are using Fundmetric to help solve their toughest problems.

We are living in the era of data, and with AI implementation on the horizon for so many organizations, never before has it been more important that people and technology are brought together.

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