Data Ecosystem

All of Fundmetric’s features are designed to create the best possible data ecosystem for your organization. We understand the importance of meeting you where you are at in efforts to modernize and digitize your fundraising efforts.

All of Fundmetric's features are included, but it is not necessary to replace your existing systems. We are system agnostic and we can work with your existing platforms as an intelligent layer.

Our ecosystem is designed to build bridges between your existing systems, and centralize data for better access to information and increased visibility.

AI Engine

Harness the power of
AI predictions

AI is an integrated solution, and our AI engine is at the heart of the Fundmetric ecosystem. It is fuelled by the interactions and data points you already collect, as well as the data Fundmetric generates. Our data science team expands your data set to make it more informative.

We continue to develop data that informs machine learning and makes it smarter. Our platform has many components that are built for AI by design.

Real Time Analytics

Analytics have so much more power than educating us to improve for next time, when data is available in real-time or near real-time, we have the ability to take descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics to the next level.
Fundmetric sets records by generating data and making information accessible in real time.

The timely availability of information helps our clients prioritize fundraising activity, discover new opportunities, and respond to donors when they are likely to be paying attention. See where donors drop off your gift form, and tweak to ensure higher conversion, discover how to use the most popular designation to re-target donors predictive to give and raise more money, or see when predicted major donors are spending time with your brand.

Fundmetric generates metadata that allows you to capture the donor journey in the time and context that it is occurring, paving the way for future donors.

Donor Journey Insights

Detailed Behavioural Journeys

Fundmetric is able to provide a detailed behavioural digital journey of the events that lead to a donation.
We aggregate these journeys to show the most profitable paths that your constituents take on the way to making their next gift.

Custom donation pages

Fundmetric donation pages use conditional logic, and can be fully customized to optimize conversion and workflows. Pages can be created in seconds for multiple brands or designed for a specific campaign.

Real time analytics allow you to see what donors are doing on your form, how much time they spend and where they are getting stuck. Optimize conversion on your forms with real-time insights.

Giving pages can be personalized and dynamic ask amounts can be tailored to each donor. All pages are embeddable on your website or as a stand alone page with vanity urls. 

Fundmetric Pay

Payment processing services are provided by Fundmetric through internationally recognized payment processors. Clients can accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, ACH (bank/cheque deposits) and all other major credit cards for card not present transactions. We also offer terminal based credit card processing with state of the art wireless terminals, and next day deposit.


Fundmetric issues fully customizable receipts and donor acknowledgement letters in Canada and the United States automatically, cutting down the burdens placed on organizations with limited resources.

Fundmetric gives you the flexibility to deliver receipts digitally or in hard copy, compliant with CRA and IRS regulations.

Intelligent email system

Personalize any communication beyond first name, with any data variable in your ecosystem. The results show that people are more likely to give when their impact is reflected back to them using data.

Beyond just dropping variables in communications, Fundmetric’s platform has the ability to pay attention to an infinite number of donor preferences, and record what they are engaging with most.

Impact-driven video engine

Our video engine is designed to deliver impact at scale and also built to capture behavioural data and gauge affinity. 

By reflecting personalized impact back to donors, we create meaningful stewardship and build your data set simultaneously.

What did Fundmetric See?

- Who started the video?
- Who finished the video?
- How many times they watched the video?
- Where they paused the video?
‍- Did they rewind?
- What time they performed various actions?
- Are they a major gift prospect?
- What is their wealth rating?


Additional data

Wealthmetric+ unlocks the power of wealth, demographic, residential, occupation, education, social profile and behavioural data together.

Data shows targeted email communications perform better. Wealthmetric+ gives you more information for laser targeting segments in seconds.

With Wealthmetric+ we only charge you for the data when a value is returned for a match, as opposed to the number of records you send for a scan. We are constantly evaluating publicly available information sources to provide quality data over quantity of data. 


Fundmetric does not store credit card information. All information is encrypted and stored with the processor. Monex provides reliable, secure service around the globe.


Fundmetric offers both online and terminal based credit card processing. Use state of the art wireless terminals for the most competitive rates.

Price Comparison

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“If you are looking for a fundraising partner, look no further. Throughout our relationship with Fundmetric, they have been there to listen to our needs and provide any level of support required to be successful"
Laura Brown
Assistant VP, Advancement Information Services
Kent State University
"Fundmetric has been very helpful with training and support and the program does all that I need when looking at donors. The team is very responsive when I have questions and concerns. The reports are easily pulled together and exported."
Carmen Boyko
Director, Fundraising and Communications
Brunswick Street Mission

Organizations are using Fundmetric to help solve their toughest problems.

We are living in the era of data, and with AI implementation on the horizon for so many organizations, never before has it been more important that people and technology are brought together.

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