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No donor left behind
Retention is the new acquistion

Introducing Fundmetric.

Fundmetric is the most sophisticated donor engagement software on the market that ensures that no donor is left behind.

Fundmetric allows you to create the personalized stories that deliver the most impact on your constituents while machine learning algorithms analyze your their' behavior, optimizing the donor lifecycle from their perspective.

Fundmetric learns about your donors as you do, and automatically builds personalized lists ready to be reached out to.


Deliver a donor experience previously considered impossible.

Fundmetric automatically targets and delivers the most compelling stories tailored to each constituent. Personalization reigns with our software creating the ideal means of developing better relationships with your donors.

It means no donor ever feels left out, and your organization can spend more time and resources elsewhere.


Fundmetric captures the valuable data that humans can't see by tracking and measuring every online interaction your constituents have with your organization.

By tracking these behaviors and interactions, Fundmetric is able to develop valuable behavioral profiles that ensure you can create better relationships and  optimize each donor experience resulting in higher lifetime giving.


With increases in net margin over 30%, Fundmetric targets donors for more effective responses. Create customized email sequences and send them to the lists that Fundmetric has predicted to be full of potential major donors. Get the meetings your gift officers are looking for!

Fundmetric's Donor Engagement Software ensures the right amount of money is invested for the maximum return from each and every donor. 


Creating and maintaining relationships just got a whole lot easier! 

Fundmetric uses your data and the impact of each gift to automatically create stories delivered in the most effective medium for the highest return on investment.

Each communication is personalized for the individual, and larger impact of your constituency, ensuring the right message is reaching the right donor - every time.

Content Creation Screen shot of fundmetric

Whether you're recruiting lapsed donors for a walk, reaching out to volunteers, or creating the all-important Christmas solicitation, Fundmetric allows fundraisers to start with a list and a series of templated stories according to budget and how the donor interacts. Each story is personalized for each constituent.


Knowing your constituency is taken to a whole new level with Fundmetric data augmentation. Our scanning instantly pulls in 20+ social media profiles and interests of constituents. See social and wealth data as an aggregate or on an individual level with easy query-building and automated recomendations.


Fundmetric creates more engaged donors as the first system that actively studies both what and how we communicate with donorbases across the continent, driving a better experience and a lower cost of acquisition. 

It is much easier to keep a donor than to find a new one.

With Fundmetric, we track and predict a donor's lifetime giving. With our advanced forms of machine learning, Fundmetric can see into the future and target the donors that will meet both short and long term strategic goals. This helps your organization better target where and when investment should be made.

Bring a new level of creativity to your segmenting through a query system that allows unprecedented visibility. Easily segment donors based on their social media, interests, behavior, and more to cut through the noise and increase awareness and funds for your cause. 

Data visible like never before.
Segment Easily 

Centralization of data allows fundraising teams to see constituents in groups never before possible. Make smarter decisions by viewing the data in plain English or through smart visualizations.


Redefine Predictive Analytics 

The world changes too fast for fundraisers to be relying on old recomendations. Our data science team and computers are constantly learning and recommending the best course action based on your organizational goals. 


How to use existing data to get internal buy in within your charity. Show me
Fundmetric helped us better understand our donor demographics and identified ways we can retain donors through stewardship and story-telling.
Henk van Leeuwen
Former CEO, Easter Seals Nova Scotia

Unlimited Support that Understands Fundraising

We built Fundmetric a tool that helps your organization's team tell the best story it can and connect with your donors. We are always standing by to talk about your charity, its goals, and how Fundmetric can be the most valuable tool in your belt.

We answer the phone

Unlike other software providers, we do not charge for support. We want you to use Fundmetric to its fullest and help build better connections between you and your constituency. Our agents are available by phone, e-mail, and chat.


Your data is owned by you and we protect it. Our system uses SSL encryption and industry grade standards and protocols. 

Training & Results Interpretation 

Almost every charity knows what they could and should be doing but finding the time and staff is another matter. At Fundmetric, we aim to train a new generation of fundraiser for a new generation of donor. Our team gets their hands dirty in real challenges, not just building tutorials and consultations. Fundmetric's Donor Engagement Software delivers you results.