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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way non-profit and charitable organizations connect with donors and bring about positive change.

However, for many charities and non-profits, AI is intimidating, confusing and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be – and that’s where Fundmetric comes in.

Unlike many other AI companies, we don’t just tell you to “trust us” and skip the details. We walk our clients through every aspect of our process, making AI easily understandable and digestible for you and your team.

Artificial Intelligence Made Easy

Fundmetric breaks down the barrier between your organization and accessible, actionable, affordable AI that gets results.

We increase conversion and maximize giving potential by leveraging the best AI minds in the world to build customized plans for our clients that provide better, smarter lists for acquisition, retention, and stewardship.

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A Genuine Individualized Approach

Unlike any other tool on the market, we create a one-of-a-kind feedback loop that responds to individual donors on an ongoing basis. Then, we employ the latest AI technology to help clients build a truly individualized approach to each donor.

By constantly learning more about what motivates donors to give, we provide clients with a stronger value proposition over the long term – and help make the world a better place.


New Opportunities Brought to the Forefront

Fundmetric continuously combs data to highlight previously unidentified opportunities for our clients to improve all areas of the pipeline. We make recommendations based on careful analysis of individual data sets – not formulas or ambiguous scores – which allows your team to do more!

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Support and Training

We ensure Fundmetric will never become another forgotten tool on the shelf by offering our clients ongoing training and support. That’s how we help organization leaders ensure Fundmetric is fully adopted by their development teams.

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“Fundmetric has been outstanding. It is more than just predictive software, it is a trusted advisor to our team.”

Carol Berne
Senior Vice President of Development
CaringKind, The heart of Alzheimer's Caregiving