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Increase conversion, uncover new prospects, target based on behavior!

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Fundmetric helps gift officers and development teams increase donations by using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to develop better, smarter, more targeted lists that increase conversion.

Major gift officers convert more meetings and connect with the best prospects at the best time, since Fundmetric’s AI factors in statistically relevant donor behavior that’s impossible to correlate within traditional fundraising tools. 

We use data to help annual gift officers improve their retention rates exponentially, uncover new prospects more quickly, and increase individual donors’ lifetime value through exceptional AI-driven stewardship practices.

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Retention is the New Acquisition

At Fundmetric, we understand that retaining and upgrading supporters is key to building a long-term, sustainable donor base. That’s why we employ the best available AI technologies to provide clients with previously unimaginable data that brings a whole new level of detail to stewardship and retention. 

To get it done, we build a bridge between highly valuable, exclusive-to-Fundmetric behavioural data and our clients’ donor files. Then, we work directly with our clients to develop individualized contact and appeal strategies that enable gift officers to truly maximize each donor’s giving potential.

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Increase Conversion by Learning More About Your Donors

We know every donor is unique. And, when it comes to soliciting major gifts, every detail matters. Fundmetric helps gift officers and development teams understand intricate – and previously unavailable - details about their donors. After all, it’s often the small things that persuade major donors to give big gifts.

Fundmetric also employs AI to perform in-depth analyses on the communications preferences and behavioural practices of each donor. We help our clients understand when to target donors, which mediums to employ and which messages will stir the strongest reactions - and raise more money.


A One-Stop Shop

While our AI expertise and exclusive make us unique, Fundmetric is a full service fundraising solution. Our one-of-a-kind software helps gift officers send and receive customized emails, track donors, generate mailing lists and more.

No matter what your development needs may be, Fundmetric has a solution for you. Our one-stop-shop approach to fundraising allows gift officers to invest more of their valuable time doing what matters most – connecting with donors are securing gifts!

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Support and Training

We place a high priority on ensuring gift officers and development teams fully understand every aspect of Fundmetric. That’s why our support and training programs are designed to make adoption easy and enjoyable. 

Plus, our team provides regular, round-the-clock support to gift officers and development teams. Whether you have a question on how to best make Fundmetric work for you or you’re looking for advice on how to achieve your fundraising goals, our team is on call.

Ready to learn more? 

Fundmetric has been outstanding. They are more than just predictive software, they are a trusted advisor to our team

Carol Berne
Senior Vice President, Development