Let us lighten your workload, integrate with your tools, and make the most of your data!

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Fundmetric has revolutionized the way charities and non-profits use data. By leveraging the best artificial intelligence (AI) minds in the world, we bring a whole new level of sophistication to the age-old practice of tracking, measuring and upgrading donors.

We marry clients’ data with our own internal models to develop valuable, precise donor profiles. These comprehensive profiles enable charities and non-profits to optimize each individual donor experience, resulting in higher lifetime giving.

Most importantly, we know how to get the most out of each individual data set – no matter the quality, size or number of variables. We coach clients directly to dispel many data myths that hold charities and non-profits back from achieving new heights.

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No such thing as “bad data”

AI can be scary for charities and non-profits who worry about the quality of their data. But the truth is, perfect data is impossible. No matter the state of your data, Fundmetric has a solution for you.

Our philosophy is simple – data is improved by frequent data usage. That’s why we work with clients round the clock to identify new and exciting opportunities to put their data to use and refine their fundraising strategies.

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A fully integrated approach

We understand that charities and non-profits use a wide variety of software tools and databases to make their systems work. Our aim is to make things easier for our clients, never harder.

Our experienced team of engineers is well-versed in integrating Fundmetric with existing systems to ensure a seamless data flow. We work directly with each client to build a custom solution to overcome the barriers that integration may present.


Support and training

Not only do we offer a top quality, comprehensive training program for new users, but Fundmetric also works directly with IT teams on an ongoing basis to ensure success.

At Fundmetric, we consider ourselves partners in your success. Our support staff participates in weekly calls with our clients’ IT teams to help increase adoption, share best practices, and iron out any kinks that may arise.

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Security taken seriously

The integrity of your data is – and always will be – our top priority. We hold ourselves accountable to sweeping, exhaustive security policies that keep your information safe.

Plus, our clients retain complete control and ownership over their data. We never cross-model and never share your information.

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