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Tap into the lifetime value of your constituents

Fundmetric empowers teams to demonstrate the power of each and every donor's individual gift and maximize their lifetime value. Create one-on-one experiences for each constituent based on information typically unavailable and overlooked.


Know your constituents like never before

Fundmetric automatically scans and provides wealth, social, and interest-based data to allow fundraisers to easily segment their constituency and ensure your donors care about your message. Data on donor engagement with campaigns, events, and appeals are centralized so those donors most interested in an initiative can be prioritized and targeted. 

Predictive engines
Fundmetric uses a computer technology called machine learning to spot and alert you to segments in your database likely to lapse, become major donors, and upgrade their gifts. 
Self-described bios 
Save hours, days and weeks, see how donors describe themselves, profile photos, their social media posts and engagement in past communications, recommendations and more. 
Targeted audience + personalized story = mid-level donor success Show me how

Know the most compelling story for each constituent

Behind the scenes, Fundmetric engines are hard at work to create recommendations that the human eye never could. Donor behavior and reactions to your communications are captured automatically. Measure and optimize to connect with as large of a constituency as possible. 

Know Return on Investment

Based on donor behavior, Fundmetric determines the best investment of staff resources and time for the most profitable outcome.

200% greater lifetime value
Monthly and recurring gift cultivation are at the core of Fundmetric, launch constituents are a donor-centric journey to increase their lifetime value by up to 200%

Deliver a major donor experience to every donor by using data to tell stories.

Create emails, videos, and direct mail easily. By creating your cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship communications from within the Fundmetric Donor Engagement Platform, not only do you ensure that every single constituent receives an optimized message, but you begin to centralize the same type of data that has made businesses and consumer-driven organizations so powerful. 
Deliver a donor-centric experience by telling each donor their individual impact, the collective impact and the future they enabled to become a reality. Allow donors to share your story and be recognized by their peers. We build communications that spark conversations and increase affinity while reducing donor attrition.
Minutes, not months

Quickly segment donors based on how much they care about your communications and respond with a level of personalization never before possible.

Sequence Donors Automatically

Stewardship and recognition that has been traditionally very costly is now pre-planned and automated based on donor behavior. Timing is everything we get the best message to the donor at the optimal time medium.

Better Lists Created

Stronger lists are built through intense learning our the behavior of your database and appear on your dashboard. Simply click the card, edit the list if needed, and begin the relationship. Plain English, no analytics skilled required. 

Experts Involved

Our data science team is led by Dr. Greg Lee, who obtained his PhD in machine learning. 

Goodbye to Queries

Add or subtract people from your list without complicated query building. Our filter system combines both demographic and behavioral data simultaneously. Build your list today! 

Common Sense Built-in

Our lists are pragmatic and practical. This means that professional fundraisers build these lists to include things like automatically filtering out deceased constituents and not pestering recent donors.

Donor retention increases based on data science See why

Donor-Centric Stories Included

We learn from the successes and mistakes accross the charitable sector for you. Best practices embedded in every story template.

A starting place
Fundmetric comes preloaded with customizable content templates and donor journey. Plus, we take best results and optimize our templates on the latest best practices. If an appeal is effective, our team will be creating the most personalized version on the planet, just for your donor.
Volunteer Conversion
Untapped volunteers who have the capacity to give and donors who will upgrade with an awesome volunteer experience. You can reach these prospects today, using the volunteer and social media ambassador campaigns. 
Annual Giving Upgrades
Just like a major gift, the case for support should be self-evident once presented. Telling a small donor about the collective strength is key, to upgrades. Let's make sure proper stewardship builds pride and badge of honor to be part of your mission. 
Escalating Stewardship
Maximizing the money towards the cause means managing costs. Fundmetric gently educates the constituent on how to make their money go further and uses the lowest cost medium that is likely to retain and upgrade the donor. In the event, higher cost measured may be employed based on different stories selected based on the lifetime value calculations. 
Mid-Level Donor Upgrades
A series of stories is used to determine the engagement towards programs  Once a high-value segment of donors are qualified with an affinity towards a designation, a sequence of cultivation and engagement communications would be initiated. 
Major Gift Transparency
Caseloads for major gift officers are rising. Keeping major gift donors informed is not easy. Use plain-text email and letters to supplement the experience and avoid major donor concerns around efficiency and transparency. 
Monthly Donor Program

Efficiently convert and retain monthly donors. Lower the time to recover the acquisition cost by 20% using our automation and monthly receipts. 

Donor Retention

All donors are in danger of lapsing but great story-telling and demonstrative progress that can be automatically displayed can keep everyone part of your mission. 

A seamless, branded, donor experience 

Increase giving through a branded, customized online donation portal. We keep it simple but can customize it for as many segments as required. No long forms, no unnecessary questions, and the funds are deposited into your organization's  bank account

Charitable tax receipts or donor acknowledgment letters are branded and issued digitally or by mail. Voiding and providing split receipts are functions that Fundmetric makes really easy. Issue receipts instantly or in batches. 

Effective Portals

No more long-form donations online. Our 3 step donation portal converts more prospects to donors. 

Ready-made receipts

Monthly donors receive a cumlative receipt at the end of each year. Completely branded, sequentially numbered, and email, or direct mailed from within Fundmetric or using external printing. 

Security, data, and customer support

Security & Privacy

We do not share data between clients or sold to third parties. Your data is hosted in your home country and is transferred to us using a secure file sharing or FTP. Our servers are secured by SSL encryption. The same level of encryption used by banks. We do not store credit card information. We take privacy extremely seriously. All data processing is done onsite. Some information is scanned, but not stored by third parties to garner additional data. 

Data Ownership

Your data is your data. You retain all ownership of data provided to us. Any data we provide you is publicly available information. Data provided by Fundmetric is not guaranteed to be available outside of the Fundmetric environment. 

Fundraising & Technical Support

Fundmetric offers unlimited technical support by email, phone, and video conference. This includes an orientation and ongoing training sessions. Every video conference has screen recording capabilities so you can re-watch how we built your list and stories on your schedule. Support operates 9am-5pm Atlantic Standard Time. 

Can Fundmetric work for a charity in your unique situation? Find out in 30 minutes