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All-Inclusive Weekly Support

As part of our on-going support program, Fundmetric’s highly trained specialists provide clients with weekly web-meetings designed to:

  •  Provide information in line with the learning style of individual users;

  • Assist users with change management implementation; and,

  • Help users understand data science and the role content plays in generating useful information.


Learning Styles

In the first weeks with a new client, Fundmetric staff works with experts in adult learning to provide information in the learning modules and styles that work best for each member of your team. 

Plus, staff are available to answer questions in real-time for rapid clarification. 


Change Management

We understand that adoption of new software and processes can be difficult. That’s why Fundmetric works with experts to train your staff on the elements of change management, and overcoming and removing barriers. 


Practical Data Science Training 

Our staff loves to get hands-on by helping teams create data and insights that were once unimaginable. The Fundmetric team has a direct line to PhD level expertise and are trained to understand how to interpret system results to make adoption easier. Fundmetric is the trusted advisor of leading charities because of our fusion of software and support.

Happy to Chat

Real support. Done Differently.

Our support is provided by phone, email, video conference. To schedule a time, please complete the form. 

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