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Evolving a Transaction into a Relationship

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 30, 2018 9:00:00 AM / by Erika Cole posted in machine learning, charitable data, charity, data capture, data analysis, predictive modeling, data science, charities, non-profits, als, ice bucket challenge, major gift, transactions

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When people think about fundraising most often what comes to mind is the latest dinner or event they attended, or the latest auction or raffle ticket they bought, or a challenge they participated in. What would be defined as “traditional forms of fundraising”. The charitable sector has created many methods to get potential donors interested in their cause, get them in the door, and to get them to donate. Methods that have allowed them to collect funds from multiple donors at one time. Methods that incentivize and encourage them to give. However, a lot of the time, these methods serve this one purpose and fail to create a journey where donors feel inclined to donate again. So while they may have purchased that $100 plate of food, or “donated” $30 in exchange for a t-shirt, unless there’s journey or path for them to follow, the odds of the organization ever converting these types of donors are low. They probably aren’t interested in another shirt or pricey meal, and they probably feel like they’ve already done their part by donating the last time around.

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