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Mark Hobbs

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Netflix or Blockbuster... which will you become?

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 12, 2019 4:41:15 PM / by Mark Hobbs

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Since 2007, home internet speeds have increased by 1000x and among other changes, streaming high quality video on sites like Youtube has become easily available to all. However, if you rewind the clock a few years, streaming video over the internet was unimaginable. Movies were limited to DVD's that hold 4.7 GB of data and often required multiple discs. Perhaps no place was synonymous with DVD technology than movie rental behemoth Blockbuster Video. At the time, Blockbuster could not conceive of streaming movies to millions of people simultaneously. For Blockbuster, like most of us, it was unimaginable. Blockbuster, at the time, had sound reasoning for this conclusion including:
  • The need for over 113,000 miles of long haul fibre optic cable with a cost ranging between $6,000-$247,000 per mile costing billions plus maintenance
  • The tech bubble had sewn the seeds of doubt around technology investments
  • The technological barriers still existed in terms of hardware and infrastructure
  • Credit cards over the internet were confusing and not demanded by customers
  • People reportedly like going to their local store to run into neighbors and for the social aspect
  • Popcorn sales and late fees were not compatible with the streaming model
  • The studio licensing models (though evolving) created extremely high costs for Blockbuster

At the time, a small DVD rental-by-mail service saw things differently. Their name was Netflix.

The charitable sector faces a stark parallel to Blockbuster twenty year ago. 

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Monthly Donor Engagement: Deconstructing the Stickiest donor content ever

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 9, 2017 3:18:00 AM / by Mark Hobbs

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Most charities understand the importance of building a relationship with their constituents. After all, charities provide high value for anybody who cares about a particular issue. One the key characteristics of good relationship is the ability to have a voice and to be heard, and to listen and to speak.  When we think about the relationship of a donor and a charity in the context of the charities ability to listen and be heard, is hampered compared to what we would expect, mainly because there are very resources to listen and to engage a meaningful conversations. Charities haven’t had to listen to donors traditionally, but now the causes more diverse and demographics that give are shifting. Cashflow is quickly overtaking dollars raised as the single biggest threat facing charities.

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Lessons form a Fundraising Legend

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 19, 2017 3:34:00 AM / by Mark Hobbs

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If you work in the nonprofit industry and haven't heard of the   Bruce Barton letterscheck them out immediately! 
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