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Meet Kristopher Gallub

Kristopher has worked for some of the world's leading nonprofits. We thought it best that he explain Fundmetric Fast Track©. He is an experienced marketing professional with a demonstrated history of executing successful marketing campaigns in the non-profit, banking and financial services industries.

Kris has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Spanish Language and Linguistics and Business Administration from the University of South Florida.

Read his first installment below...

I’m not going to lie. When I first contemplated using machine learning I was a bit intimidated. I knew machine learning was the future of fundraising because my traditional methods were performing well, but really needed a boost. And I had seen a several presentations at fundraising conferences on the power of using predictive modelling to drive revenue.

Naturally, I was skeptical for several reasons — but mostly because it was new and unknown to me.

How would I be able to explain to my boss that the benefits of machine learning would far outweigh the cost when I couldn’t even truly define what machine learning was? I would never be able to explain it well enough to get initial buy-in. 

Of course Fundmetric was willing to help and they offered for my Account Manager and a Data Scientist to sit in on my internal pitch meetings, but I needed a more tangible solution. I needed a way to not only explain machine learning, but also a way to apply it and deliver something useful that anyone — including non-fundraisers — could understand. 

This is where Fundmetric’s Fast Track© came in to save the day. 

Fast Track© is a quick and easy digital campaign featuring a personalized donor video that catapults new users of Fundmetric head first into the world of machine learning. It’s simple to set up and Fundmetric is there to help every step of the way. And the personalized video is the perfect touchpoint to surprise and delight your donors along their journey.

By creating the pilot video, I was now using Fundmetric in a way that was familiar to me. I had created videos for my donors before—but never a personalized video. Adding that personal touch of the donor’s name and the number of years they’ve been a donor into the video was pure stewardship gold! 

What I didn’t know was that the email containing the video would capture almost a million data points from the donors that received it. Every time a donor opened the email, every click of the video to view it, every second a donor spent watching the video… all these actions were counting towards building a data-rich foundation for Fundmetric’s algorithm that engaged my donors in a meaningful way and at the same time fast-tracked the learning curve of Fundmetric’s prediction model. In a nutshell, Fundmetric Fast Track© is a win for your donors, a win for the Fundmetric machine learning algorithm and most of all — a win for YOU!

Building your predictive model is a journey and it takes time for the machine to get smarter. Fundmetric’s Fast Track © is a smart, simple way to immediately reap the benefits of Fundmetric in an easy to execute campaign that delivers an invaluable stewardship touchpoint along your donor’s journey. 

And speaking of journeys… happy first steps along your machine learning journey!

Bio: Kristopher has over 18 years of marketing experience in both Canada and the USA and 8 years experience in fundraising for Canadian charities. With an emphasis on multi-channel direct marketing, Kristopher has managed over $7 million dollars in annual donations integrating direct mail, digital including predictive modelling, face-to-face and telemarketing strategies to drive growth and lifelong donor journeys. 

“The concept of digital fundraising today must include predictive modelling/machine learning. Including machine learning in the mix ensures that you’re driving down your cost of funds raised while ensuring that no donor feels overlooked because you’re providing meaningful, personalized stewardship touch points at the right time in their donor journey.”
-Kristopher Gallub, Fundmetric Fundraising Liaison