Implementing AI

Most organizations think implementing artificial intelligence is biting off more than they can chew... It's not a problem for these beavers.

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A data driven future

Activating donors through a record setting campaign


Oregon State University is Oregon’s largest public research university, a school determined to forge solutions by building a future that’s smarter, healthier, more prosperous and more just. Making those solutions a reality requires taking initiative on innovation, which is why the partnership between Oregon State University Foundation and Fundmetric makes such perfect sense. By taking a data-driven approach to fundraising now, the OSU Foundation is positioning themselves for a prosperous future.


Data points generated across 2,000 donors

Beavers care 2020: Student Emergency Fund

OSU is at the forefront of the sector, and becoming a data-driven organization is a strategic, long term priority, which will deliver them long term, sustainable results. The goal of launching the Beavers Care campaign through Fundmetric was to generate the data set that will lay the foundation for their future.

By focusing on data-generation, OSU focused on getting to know the behavioral patterns of donors and not necessarily their transactional value.

This allowed for segments to be created based on both the way the university is structured and also the behavior of the donors themselves.

This blend of communication, provides the opportunity to increase the lifetime giving of donors by contacting them on their terms. The financial results indicate a campaign people paid attention to at a time when it was en vogue for many charities to be “respectfully silent.”

promoting cross-functional teams...

377 Faculty & Staff members donated

OSU embraces teamwork as a core value, but what does that really look like? Fundmetric knows that it is all too often that departments work in silos, rarely communicating with one another, often ending up duplicating work and having a low level of transparency.

Using the Fundmetric platform gives OSU staff across many departments a big picture look at their organization.

Unlimited user access across all departments promotes data literacy, team members are able to explore data and gain insight into the organization as a whole. This allowed for segments to be created based on both the way the university is structured and also the behavior of the donors themselves.

Being able to work holistically helps individuals understand how their role plays a part in the broader initiatives of their organization and how it relates to the work of their counterparts.

After all, departments are a necessary function of a whole organization, but we are all working toward the same goal
aren’t we?

...and team-based data literacy

Top 50 engaged constituents ordered by opens
Samuel Costa
Opened the message 4 times
Jaydon Frami
Opened the message 3 times
Clicked: Donated 1 time
May Houston
Opened the message 3 times
Brody West
Opened the message 3 times

18 targeted giving pages spawned

12 colleges working collaboratively

114 constituents became repeat donors

what are your constituents engaging with?

OSU staff was able to see what content constituents where engaging with inside their emails. Using dynamic tags allowed staff to see the areas of interest that were compelling for constituents and the structure of the best performing emails. The tagging empowers OSU to generate a more granular dataset for more accurate artificial intelligence.

Tag Engagement

Total number of times each tag was engaged with

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