Getting the most out of Fundmetric’s Fast Track© program

As a fundraiser, I have often included videos in digital campaigns. But not having the skills to create the video myself has been a challenge. In my experience, I’ve conceptualized the video; someone else on my team would help script it; someone else would produce it; another would deploy it and still someone else would generate a report that tracked the KPIs. The KPI report  would finally make its way over to me often two or three weeks after the campaign closed.

That’s a lot of effort for a 30-second video! And to not get results until well after the campaign was out of my donors’ minds meant I was missing the mark on my ask strategy, leaving money on the table. After all, you only have your donor’s attention for a moment — you need to capture the moment. 

Fast Track© takes care of all that for you in an easy and quick test pilot campaign for a low flat fee. Simply provide Fundmetric’s friendly Support Team with a list of the donors you wish to steward, fill out the video creation template and you’re on your way down a new path of data enlightenment.

The friendly Fast Track© Team will assist you in creating and deploying a personalized stewardship video and up to 2 follow-up emails via Fundmetric’s enhanced machine learning platform. To the surprise and delight of your donors, they’ll be personally thanked and appreciated in a meaningful video that previously would’ve taken you weeks, or maybe even months, to develop. 

But that’s not even the best part. Now you’ll be able to see your data in a different light. 

You will receive a detailed follow-up report that not only tracks the KPIs from your email campaign, but also measures your donors’ engagement level based on their viewing behaviour of the personalized video. Oh, and you’ll get this report not weeks later, but within 48 hours of deploying your last email of the Fast Track© series. 

You’ll see which donors were the most engaged (such as those who watched the video in its entirety) so you can waste no time in making a follow-up call or booking a one-on-one meeting with the right donors at the right time for a renewal ask or second gift. Maximum impact with minimum effort.

For me, gaining access to the enhanced KPI report so quickly was the true jackpot of the Fundmetric Fast Track© program. I could quickly re-market my most engaged donors via another digital fundraising campaign, meet with them one-on-one or simply pick up the phone just to check in on them right at the most opportune time. Highly engaged donors are more loyal and give more. 

I also learned which donors were not inspired by my email campaign and I easily segmented these folks for my next direct mail and telemarketing campaign since digital didn’t work. And of course I’ll test these folks in digital again down the road. 

Lastly, another great feature of Fast Track© is that you will have preview access to the Fundmetric platform so you can explore the site and see the benefits that this enhanced platform has to offer. It really is a great way to test the waters if you’re considering bringing machine learning into your marketing mix. 

Fast Track benefits in a nutshell:

  • PERSONALIZED stewardship video production
  • Email series (up to 3 emails including the video carrier)
  • Engagement/KPI report within 48 hours post campaign for fast follow-ups
  • Preview access to the Fundmetric platform
  • One low price and no commitment

If you’ve been wanting to introduce machine learning to your marketing portfolio but have been skeptical of the time and cost commitments of implementing a new platform, then Fundmetric’s Fast Track program is for you.

Bio: Kristopher has over 18 years of marketing experience in both Canada and the USA and 8 years experience in fundraising for Canadian charities. With an emphasis on multi-channel direct marketing, Kristopher has managed over $7 million dollars in annual donations integrating direct mail, digital including predictive modelling, face-to-face and telemarketing strategies to drive growth and lifelong donor journeys. 

“The concept of digital fundraising today must include predictive modelling/machine learning. Including machine learning in the mix ensures that you’re driving down your cost of funds raised while ensuring that no donor feels overlooked because you’re providing meaningful, personalized stewardship touch points at the right time in their donor journey.”
-Kristopher Gallub, Fundmetric Fundraising Liaison