Fundmetric solves the problem of lost donors for fundraising based organizations. How? Fundmetric segments and tracks donors while providing personalized, auto-responsive and statistically effective donor experience for any organization that requires fundraising. When it comes to fundraising, identifying what endeavors are worth it and which ones are not can be time consuming and impractical. Now imagine, if we could look at the data that your donors give you, not from the standard metrics provided like page views, but one that tracks the donor's journey through your donor experience from being introduced to your organization to becoming a recurring or major donor.

Imagine we can track where each individual donor becomes disengaged whether at an event, or through an email and automatically begin a re-engagement strategy that statistically speaking is the most effective based on data of similar donors. At Fundmetric, we’re addressing problems that our non-profit customers face by providing practical answers that alleviate headaches and we couldn’t be happier to help.


Meet Our Team

Mark Hobbs


Mark has experienced first-hand the struggles that non-profits face fundraising. His advertising agency developed materials for countless non-profit causes and his focus on metrics has helped him craft more effective fundraising materials. Understanding these challenges allows him to develop and sell a product that is built by fundraisers for fundraisers.

Christopher Kolmatycki


Prior to co-founding Fundmetric, Christopher spent five years running a marketing communications agency with Mark. Focused on proving success, he utilized his years of game design and development, statistical analysis, and communications experience to heavily test and ensure only the best results for clients. Having worked with a large portfolio of charity and not-for-profit clients, Christopher is now bringing these skills to Fundmetric in furthering efforts to make fundraising easier.

In his spare time, he can be found volunteering, getting laughed at for being a baseball fan, or practicing his serve on the tennis court.

Chris Steeves

VP Development

With over ten years of fundraising and development experience, Chris Steeves is very familiar with the challenges fundraisers and development officers face.  With a focus on effective communication, Chris has led several successful fundraising campaigns for various charities.

In his spare time, Chris can be found on the softball field, hockey rink or jamming with his bandmates. 

Dr. Greg Lee

Dr. Greg Lee

Lead Data Scientist

Greg holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence for the University of Alberta. His thesis work focused on using machine learning to automatically select relevant stories for sports commentary. Greg is now focusing his machine learning and information retrieval expertise on data-driven story-telling and data driven decision making to produce the ultimate targeted campaigns for charities. 



Nick Hatt

Nick Hatt

Senior Developer

With nine years of development experience, Nick was keen to take on a position of leadership. As the senior developer for Fundmetric, Nick is responsible for our technical approach to the platform. Nick is well suited for his role as his experience of building enterprise-level software for the energy sector allows him to understand both attention to detail, scalability, balanced with responsive rapid-iterations of the Fundmetric platform. Nick has experience in managing teams using agile methodologies and has won awards for customer service delivery. Nick has held positions at NTT data and Health Canada. 

Nick lives with his wife Suzanne and daughter Violet.